2nd Chance

This 2nd Chance Review will give you a clear picture of how you might benefit from using Mirabelle Summer's book "2nd Chance". Before getting into this review. I'm going to warn you that the author is writing from a completely emotionally removed perspective. So in spite of how effective and insightful the advice in this book is, it's important that you have the emotional maturity to actually practice them and to get results.

Let's start this 2nd Chance Review with a breakdown of what the course teaches you.

Summary of Strong Points

Most of the time when a relationship comes to an end (especially if you've been dumped), it seems pretty much hopeless to revive it. So most of the advice out there is centered more on how to put your life back together after a break up. Of course, the other course of action is to beg and plead and hope that you can win your ex back, which just puts you in a position of weakness and humiliation.

What you get in this book is a simple step-by-step process to reposition yourself as a man of value; a man who has clearly learned from his mistakes and has become a better person because of it. It tells you exactly how to resist the instinctual responses which just lower your social value and convince her that she made the right decision in ditching you.

Six step process

The course follows a six step process which helps you to survive the "mourning" phase, regain your self confidence, regain her trust... and most of all, have her thinking that she'd be foolish not to get back with you again. Here's a sneak peek at the principles which are covered.

  • Dealing with the ex that's ignoring you
  • Getting out of the "just be friends" category
  • How to deal with the situation where she's moved on
  • Dealing with the ex who has become indifferent and emotionally removed from you
  • Dealing with the belief that you have lost her love

Of course, as part of this 2nd chance review I Have to mention that the value of a female perspective in this book makes it one of the most insightful guides out there. You probably already know that female perspectives can sometimes be misleading and confusing when it comes to the world of dating. But Mirabelle Summers is like one of those female friends that every guy needs in his life.

She doesn't pull any punches or try to glaze over some of the most obviously frustrating challenges of relating with women. You just get the full picture from someone who clearly knows why women fall in love, why they fall out of love and what can encourage them to fall back in love... with you.

Bonus Features and Conclusion

To conclude this 2nd Chance Review, I'd like to add that the two bonus books on happiness and on surviving the pain of a breakup actually add a lot of value and aren't your run of the mill free bonus books. Together with this feature book "2nd Chance," these guides can help you do more than just get your ex back. They hold the secret to helping you get your life together so that when you do win her back, you'll be able to make it better than it was before you lost her.

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