The Art of Approaching

I'm writing this "The Art of Approaching" Review after re-reading Joseph Matthew's veteran e-book on how to approach women. First, if you're thinking about purchasing this e-book you're probably realizing that getting past the initial approach and first impression is the biggest obstacle which men face. Dozens of other e-books are out there which teach you how to attract, seduce, romance and to flirt with women.

But I'm writing this "The Art of Approaching" review because when it comes to the most difficult subject in male dating, I don't believe that anyone has a better game than the author Joseph Matthews.

a Veteran Product

The Art of Approaching by Joseph Matthews was written almost a decade ago and since then has been revised and upgraded according to the authors experience in coaching men on how to approach women. To be honest, the first version of the book was super. It included the most comprehensive breakdown of how to approach women, where to approach women, what to say, how to close the interaction, how to prepare your mind, how to deal with rejection and much more.

Since then, the guidance and advice and it has only involved and become more polished and effective. The sections on body language, situational approaches, opinion and openers and storytelling are some of the most practical and useful you'll ever find in a book like this. Now, there are a lot of people in the men's dating community who claim that this book is mainly for beginners who are clueless when it comes to approaching women.

That might be true to a point, but I'd guess that pretty much any man who hasn't yet perfected the art of approaching women ought to be reading and using the ideas in this book. It's one of those resources that you could use for your entire life and continue to grow and to develop your skills of interacting with women.

Hot Points

The Author Joseph Matthews (aka: Thundercat) is a true "zero to hero" story himself, and if you were to see him, you'd realize that he's living proof that it doesn't take looks to learn to attract women (sorry Joseph). That said, I'd say that this is the perfect resource for a man who believes that he has no chance of becoming successful with women. This guy's story and his bias will definitely provide you with proof and with the practical advice that made Joseph one of the most well respected men in the PUA community.

In the beginning of the book, Joseph starts out with his own personal "rock bottom moment" and shares his trial and error experience in discovering and mastering the secrets of approaching, creating attraction with and seducing women. He also shares the personal revelations and philosophies which gave him the courage and confidence to go from being a guy who stayed at home on friday night while masturbating to Susan Summers on "Three's Company," to one of the masters of pick up.

To conclude this The Art of Approaching review, I'd say that getting a hold of this book is a no-brainer. It's definitely worth the money, especially considering that it took the author years of painstaking trial and error to discover what you can get your hands on for about the price of a monthly gym membership.

"The Art of Approaching" is highly recommended.

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