Where to Meet Women

Where to Meet Women: Online First

It used to be that guys who were wondering where to meet women had to go to all kinds of places they didn't want to just so that they could find a woman who they might be interested in. What an incredible waste of time that can be, especially considering that the exact type of women looking for has to be in the exact right place at the exact right time. Blech! We're men... we don't have that kind of time to mess around.

We want to go out and find what we're looking for and get down to business in asking for a date. Well, if that's the way that you feel, you need to start using the power of the internet to increase your dating options. Are you thinking that this is only for desperate losers? Well, that might have been true about 10 years ago... but times have changed.

Now, the internet is a perfect way to decide where to meet women and to get to know them. As soon as you finish reading this article, go to a dating site or a social networking site and set up a profile. This will increase your options and keep you from thinking that there aren't enough options out there for you when it comes to dating.

For best results, do the meeting online, but make sure that you're moving the interaction into the "real world" as soon as possible.

Where to Meet Women: Offline Locations

If you're wondering where to meet women, you've probably already gone down the list of options in regard to nightclubs, bars and other places where any women who is halfway attractive can count on being approached at least a dozen times a night. When it comes to this, it's a good idea for you to look at what the majority is doing and to do the opposite. In other words, ask yourself what kind of casual places these women would be going to everyday: the store, a coffeehouse, a place to have lunch, the park etc.

When women are in these places, they are less likely to be approached and have their "pick up radar" on minimum intensity. This means that they'll probably be a lot more open to your approach. For best results, choose places where she won't be in a hurry and will actually have the time to talk to you.

The Secret Ingredient for Where to Meet Women

In spite of all the great places out there to meet single women, there is one thing which will make a world of difference in regard to the options you have; your social circle. If you have a strong social circle and establish the reputation as a man of high value, you'll probably never have to worry about where to meet women... your social circle will bring them to you.

So as you're finding the places where single women hang out and as you're connecting with them on the Internet, make it your primary goal to build a strong social circle in the process. Pretty soon, you'll never have to ask yourself where to meet women again.

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