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Advertisers/Contacts offers a free service for private contacts and professional adult industry workers to promote your services via the use of a listed profile, incorporating descriptive copy with a contact phone number, email address, link to your website if you have one also the option of up to 5 photos if you wish. is to help Adult New Zealanders find suitable Contacts in their local area. Advertisers can list themselves literally anywhere, not just if you're in a main city but even if you're in a small town then your suburb or locality in that city or town.

As an advertiser you have full control over your listing. Your listing is online 24/7 and by logging into the advertisers section (this page) you can update your copy or upload new photos or change your main photo at anytime using your personal username and password.

You select your own username and password when you register and can later change the password at anytime if you wish, also when you are logged in you can change anything at anytime, you can also switch off your listing so it won't display on the site should you want to for any reason and then switch it back on when you are ready.

Whenever you login and update, your listing will shuffle back to the top of your area until someone else registers or updates in the same area, so by keeping an eye on the site and logging in (you don't actually have to change anything, just log in and press the update button) your listing will be displayed back at the top. Any changes you make to your listing will appear "live" on the site immediately giving you maximum exposure with no delays. NOTE: The site is moderated on a daily basis and all changes reviewed but doesn't expect mature responsible adults to abuse it. Inappropriate content will be removed ASAP and if problems persist, the offending account may be deleted and the IP of the offender blocked at server level if necessary.

For each visitor to the site, 3 photo listings will be chosen at random to appear on the home page which will give immediate exposure of your photo to that visitor if yours is one of the chosen 3.

Uploading copy
After you have logged in you have access to a profile page where you are able to enter your own details for the listing.
Your listing will primarily appear in the city or town you choose to list in.
Also the more descriptive your listing is, the more chance your listing has of appearing in the different search categories.

Uploading photos
All Contacts have the ability to upload photos from their computer to accompany their listing.
You can load up to 5 photos and choose any one of them as your 'main' photo, you can change this at any time.
The link to upload photos is at the bottom of the main details entry screen once you are logged in.
Portrait and Landscape photos are accepted and are automatically resized to fit into the site.

Link to your website from AdultContacts
AdultContacts appreciates that some Contacts have their own websites that they have already invested in. Your website may already contain all your relevant details and contact information. In this instance AdultContacts offers all Contacts a link to their website. Your website link is at the top of your listing to encourage visitors to your site.

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