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Register with your Name, your email address, choose your preferred sign-in name and password then submit the form, you will be directed to a page where you can enter your profile details including your choice of a phone number contact, an email contact, the address to your personal website or any combination of these 3 and of course your photo. All members can load photos, you can have up to 5 photos and choose which one you want for the main one. Your photos can be either portrait or landscape and will be automatically resized to fit into the site.

Whenever you sign in you will be able to edit and update your profile, add or swap photos and your listing will then reappear at the top of the listings until someone else registers or updates. Each time you sign in and update, your listing will shuffle back to the top again.

Whenever you update your active profile, the screen name you entered is created as your personal page here at adultcontacts, so you control your page name. You can update your screen name at any time and your page name will change appropriately.
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Once you register, you have 14 days to create your profile, any registrations that have not created a profile after 14 days will be automatically deleted. Note: Creating your profile doesn't mean you have to activate it for display on the site, this is a feature you control, you can turn the display of your profile on and off at your discretion, and delete it completely from the site if and when you wish, no questions asked. So if you're an escort or in the sex worker business or just a horny person in the suburbs somewhere then get onboard AdultContacts, get your profile online and you will make some contacts, thats what its about so good luck and have fun...